Salad or Wrap - Your Choice

Chop Lee

local greens, ranch dressing, egg, corn, tomato, 

avo, green onion, crispy chickpeas $10


local greens, mac nut sauce, cabbage, carrot,

green onion, cucumber, mac nuts $10


local greens, chimichurri, tomato, corn,

cucumber, avo, crispy chickpeas $10


kale, honey mustard, mac nuts,

seasonal roasted veggies $10


organic chicken $5

 local all natural steak* $6

quinoa $2 


Chicken Sandwich 

locally made bun, organic grilled chicken, local greens, tomato, choice of sauce $10

Steak Sandwich

locally made bun, local flank steak*, 

lettuce, tomato, green onion, choice of sauce $12


white cheddar $2

avocado $2

sandwiches come with choice of a homemade sauce:

ranch, chipotle, honey mustard, or chimichurri


Grilled Chicken Strips $7

Purple Sweet Potato Fries $6

French Fries $5

fries and strips come with ketchup or upgrade to a homemade sauce: honey mustard, chipotle, or ranch for $1

Poi Bowl

gluten free granola, seasonal fruit,

local poi, coconut honey syrup $10

Tropical Fruit Salad

seasonal fruit $6

Dessert and Drinks

soft serve ice cream 

cone or bowl $4

organic coffee

hot or iced $4

coffee float

soft serve ice cream in organic coffee, served hot or iced, with shaved local chocolate on top $6

Herbal Iced Tea

locally made organic mint tea with cucumber. choose to sweeten it with our local honey lemon syrup $5

​*consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness